“I believe in healing. I believe in the power of integrative therapy and holistic framework. I believe in the mind/body/spirit connection and that healing can take many forms. I believe in our ability to transform pain and suffering, to navigate deep and dark journeys of the self and to emerge brighter and stronger. I believe that we all need help sometimes and that we are stronger working together instead of alone. I believe in the healing potential of healthy relationships, strong families, and empowered communities. I believe in my role as a professional helper. “

-Jessica Giordano


What People Are Saying

“As a friend and colleague of Jessica Giordano, I have observed her work with the community, setting the bar in the field of mental health services. She is a beacon of hope to those who walk into her office and an inspiration to her colleagues. As a staff member who directly interacts with her clients on a daily basis, I can proudly say that Jessica Giordano’s therapeutic methods create trustful relationship resulting in long term stability and healthy dependency for our clients and their families.”
-Luis Nunez, Colleague, Willimantic CT
“Thank you Jessica, for all that you have done for me but most of all for giving me hope”
FB, Former client, Willimantic CT
“Jessica Giordano has facilitated my transition from recovering mental health patient to productive, dependable member of society. I look forwards to our weekly appointment and I recommend her to anyone recovering, recovered, or just in need of a constructive, positive, sympathetic ear.”
AJ, Current client, Willimantic CT
“Jessica is authentic, genuine, precious, special and unique, she is one of a kind. When I walk into her office, I feel completely safe, knowing for the next hour that I can be absolutely honest, be myself, ask any questions, answer any questions and knowing that I will be treated fairly by a truthful woman. I give 50% of credit to Jessica and 50% of credit to me for improving, advancing, and progressing to a better life. I believe I still have a long way to go but at least I have begun my journey with an amazing therapist”
RM, Former client, Willimantic CT