I provide the following therapeutic services:

Individual Therapy

I work with a variety of emotional and behavioral conditions or struggles which may include the following:

Mood Disorders
Addiction & Recovery
Impulse Control Disorders
Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Anger Management
Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns or Co-dependency
Self Esteem & Body Image Issues
Poor Tolerance to Stress
Chronic Pain & Medical Issues
Relationship or Family Conflict
GLBTQ Issues
Sexuality or Gender Identity
Existential Struggle
I take an individualized approach to each client that I work with and I utilize different insight and introspective strategies to engage and to critically explore with each of my clients and to work together to identify practical goals and what a more healthy and happy life will look like.

Therapy sessions are typically held once a week or once every two weeks for 50 minutes per session. I can work with individuals on a short term or longer term capacity. Homework assignments are usually a practical component to any therapeutic modality and will be in collaboration to maintain the therapeutic process in between sessions and to assess growth and progress.

Wellness Therapy for Chronic Pain or Medical Conditions

My holistic therapeutic orientation is well suited to managing the relationship between physical and mental/emotional health. I can offer specific interventions related to managing chronic pain or other long term medical conditions. For some individuals, treating medical conditions simply through a primary care physician or other medical specialists may not be enough to heal on all necessary levels. For individuals that are suffering with chronic pain or other long term medical conditions, wellness therapy can improve your health outcomes and manage the depression and anxiety that often coincides with life changing medical diagnoses.

This is a service that can be particularly useful to individuals that struggle with chronic pain and are looking for pain therapy alternatives. I have specific training in therapeutic alternatives to pain management and can collaborate with an individual’s medical team. I can also offer assessment and counseling related to prescription drug abuse or addiction.

Adolescent Therapy

Being a teenager is difficult and seems to be getting more and more difficult with advances in technology and changes to society. Many patterns of struggle and mental health conditions can be more effectively managed with preventive influence and treatment during young adulthood. Teenagers benefit from therapeutic empowerment and learning life long skills for self care, confidence, and conflict resolution. I can engage adolescents who may be struggling in the following ways:

Trouble at school
Behavioral Issues
Impulse Control
Substance Abuse
Adjusting to changes in the family system or divorce
Self Esteem or Body Image Issues
Attention Issues
Anger Management
Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
Sexuality or Gender Identity

Couples Counseling

As a Marriage & Family Therapist I believe that relationships are central to our sense of self and quality of life. Relationships are difficult to navigate and couples may seek my services for the following struggles:

Communication Issues
Intimacy Issues
Conflict Resolution
Family of Origin Issues
Trust Issues
Adjustment Issues

I can be of service to all types of couples including those that are married or in the process of separation or divorce, pre-marital relationships, or relationships that do not involve marriage, or relationships that are considered “non-traditional”.

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